Hello, I’m a Tech influencer expert who delivers Apple news. Today, I bought the iPhone 13 Pro 공공기관 법인핸드폰 self-sufficiency system that I bought and used for several months and wrote down reviews. If you are thinking about Promax, I think you will feel some advantages and disadvantages through this review.
The iPhone 비영리 법인휴대폰 and Galaxy are both using the new model. And even before the GOS incident, I have been using iPhone as the main. It’s very natural, but from the specs to the overall OS convenience. This is because Apple likes it.

Anyway, right after it was released at an event last fall, it was purchased immediately and used as a self-sufficient device until now. For those who are still thinking about which device to buy, I would like to do enough field tests and let you know what I felt.

In particular, following the last series, the green color was recently released on all iPhone models. Unlike the last purple, there are likes and dislikes, but it would be good to buy a new color with a unique color.

Of course, this review is a very subjective view, so it would be better to refer to it. However, how about using S22 Ultra 법인명의 업무용핸드폰 together? In addition, as we comprehensively evaluate detailed hardware performance and specifications, I think this review will help you choose. Then, let’s look at the features that I liked in the iPhone 13 Pro and Promax.
The iPhone 공공기관 법인폰 is equipped with an A15 Bionic chip manufactured by TSMC in Taiwan. It is a device that implements Apple ARM v8 and is based on a 64-bit six-core CPU. The GPU consists of five cores, but the general/mini-series is a four-core configuration with one less. It has improved performance by about 30% compared to the previous generation.
As a result of benchmarking measurements, it recorded an average of 1,720 single-core scores and 4,800 multi-core scores. With this performance, it’s almost as good as a laptop or PC. The spec gap is overwhelming as the Galaxy S22 Ultra (Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1) without GOS is in the 1,000-point range for singles based on Gig Bench 5.

You can feel this when you play the game yourself. The AP performance gap with Samsung can be seen as about three years, especially recently due to GOS, which is similar to iPhone X. Therefore, the A15 Bionic can handle all the apps currently available on mobile devices.
In particular, even if you play two games, Wonshin and Odin, which show the scale of high-end games, you can play smoothly without dropping the frame. Overall, there is no latency from download to play, and the control feels fast. The iPhone has the best performance on mobile at the moment.
The display also supports a variable scanning rate of 120 Hz in this series. Since it is not supported in general and mini, there are quite a few people who choose flagship. Overall, animation that runs and closes apps is quite fast. It’s hard to feel that it’s fast in real life.

In addition, memory performance is good, and in particular, storage space is supported up to 1TB. As a result, there is little difference between the iPhone 13 Pro and the Promax model. On the other hand, there is no difference in the size and resolution of the display.
These days, I enjoy taking pictures through my iPhone. This is because, like me, kaalmot helps me shoot with good quality. The lens of the rear camera has grown considerably in this series. Therefore, the physical sensor increases, and the clarity of the color becomes richer.
You can tell by the quality of the shooting. Both were filmed by me on my iPhone. The details of the color, especially the vivid and soft feeling, coexist depending on the environment. Since it gives the most natural expression, you can make a work with a slight correction.

In particular, the iPhone 13 Promax 비영리 법인핸드폰 and pro models have LiDAR sensors, so the quality of filming is excellent in low-light environments. The color is relatively clear when seen from outside during dawn when there is little light. It shows good quality with little noise. Also, the shooting speed of the night mode is faster than before.

I’d rather be in favor of the general or professional hands than the Max model공공기관 법인핸드폰개통. This series has a slight increase in weight compared to the previous one, so it is quite burdensome to use the case and Mixtape. It is almost the same level as the Galaxy Fold.
Although the display is wider and has good resolution, it may be somewhat burdensome to use for a long time. In particular, the distinction between general and high-end levels has become clear this time, but the specifications between high-end levels are almost the same. Therefore, the specification gap is small, so I don’t think I have to use Max.