A few days ago, there was an unpackage of the Galaxy S22 series. The performance enhancement and high completeness of the basic model were impressive.
It has a significant level of completeness compared to its previous Galaxy S21, including a 4-nano AP/50 MP (50 million pixels) main camera/rear tempered glass/LTPS display. Nevertheless, it can be seen as having high marketability in that it froze the price to 999,900 won, which was the store price of the Galaxy S21.
With the official specifications and prices of new products confirmed, it’s time for those who have been waiting for a long time to decide. I’m sure some people think that they’re going to buy a new product no matter what. On the contrary, if you don’t think there has been much change in the standards set by yourself, you may need to look back on the Galaxy S21.
I’ll buy the new Galaxy S22.

Now you have to choose between self-sufficiency or mobile telecommunication. It is necessary to carefully calculate whether to receive some discounts from the factory price of 999,900 won and purchase it on a self-sufficiency basis or receive public subsidies from mobile carriers and proceed with the terms of a two-year agreement.

And one important thing should not be forgotten. Usually, new products do not have high subsidies for mobile carriers for the first three months. It won’t be much different from the level of a slight discount on self-sufficiency.

I’m buying the Galaxy S21 법인폰. Simply compare the price when purchasing a new product with the price when purchasing a previous one with a large discount. We can examine whether the price difference is proportional to the completeness and performance of a new product. Of course, there is no correct answer because there are differences between individuals. Payment is completely blocked on Samsung’s dot-com, and only a few stocks remain in the open market. However, even open market retailers with inventory are close to new products. So there’s no reason to live like that.

In conclusion, I’ll buy Galaxy S21 self-sufficiency. is correct. On the other hand, mobile telecommunication scents have different situations. You can also simply compare the public subsidies for the new S22 with the 90% discount price of the S21. If not, there will be a difference of more than 20,000 won in monthly installment payments.
Of course, the new product has better design, material, and performance. So to own such changes and upgrades, we only need to decide whether to spend about 480,000 won additionally or not. To begin with, from the perspective of me, who purchased the Galaxy S21 업무용 법인핸드폰 right after the pre-booking and has already been using it for more than a year, it is “sufficient.”
Some elements reduce the original feeling in the specification, but I think I almost forgot when I used it. Depending on what I think, it didn’t feel so big that it might not be much.

And it’s a flagship model. The Exynos 2100 AP and 8GB DDR5 RAM of the 5-nano process showed quite fast performance in the general usage pattern.
Looking at the new product announcement specification, it could be a good choice if you are not willing to pay hundreds of thousands of won more. Just a year after its release, right after its next release, now is the best time to buy it at the cheapest price and use it for the longest time.