Galaxy Z-Fold 3 & Galaxy Z-Flip 3 법인명의 업무용 핸드폰개통 Mint X Samsung Additional Reward Event News!

For the first time, it’s the most plausible reason for the new way of using a smartphone folded and used only when needed I think it’s a model that provided a reasonable reason. The same goes for both Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3.

First of all, Fold supports S Pen for the first time. It’s the first time it’s been introduced, but it’s very soft and supports accurate usability. Samsung’s long-established technology through the Galaxy Note series has been reflected, allowing users to enjoy multi-tasking in various ways, including the advantages of large screens.

I think Galaxy Z Fold 3 업무용휴대폰is the peak of stylish design. It adds a variety of colors to a more angular form factor and further enhances the usability of the cover display.
In particular, the fact that Samsung Pay can be used immediately on the cover display is a novelty that can be experienced on foldable phones. So we’re able to have a new lifestyle that we’ve never had before with an even more advanced form of a smartphone.

Anyway, the Galaxy Foldable series has been released in a very attractive form. The problem is the price. Of course, it went down a lot. Both Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 법인명의 핸드폰have been released at a price that is about 400,000 won lower than the previous one, so you can see Samsung’s firm will popularize foldable products. But expensive things are expensive.
It’s a device I want. It’s a model that took a much bigger step from just folding and using a smartphone. The IPX8 grade waterproof support alone has become a practical enough model.

In the end, how to lower the price is the key. It’s about using the “weapons that most of us have.” It’s a used device sleeping in a drawer.

The gist of this event, which is a collaboration between Mintit and Samsung, is simple.
I purchase Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3. And you can sell the industrial terminal that was sleeping in the drawer through the mint. Then you can get up to 150,000 won in additional compensation regardless of your condition.

The event period is from August 17th to September 30th, 2021, when the pre-booking of the two foldable phones began. It’s quite relaxing, right? There is more than a month, but I think we should proceed as soon as possible. In particular, when you think of it, you’d better put it into action right away when you know it. Whatever it is, it’s better to proceed with it right away when you make up your mind.
First, I will buy a new product. And you can apply for additional compensation for the Mint X Samsung event from August 24th, when the opening begins. Don’t forget that you have to return your existing phone within 14 days of opening. In particular, the method of returning new products by channel purchased is different, so please check the “Detailed Page by Channel” on the Mint website.

I’m curious about it now. I wonder how much additional compensation is possible when I return which model.

From August 23rd to September 30th, you can check the final compensation amount for each model through the Mint price. One thing that stands out is that each smartphone has the same capacity and series, but the extra rewards are all the same. Besides, the condition of the cell phone doesn’t have to be A-class. You can receive the same additional compensation.

There is one thing that I am also leaving the Galaxy S10 model unattended. If you add 150,000 won in additional compensation to 200,000 won at the Mint market price (based on grade A), you can get 350,000 won in compensation. This is like, “Don’t ask me no matter what.”

In addition to some of the representative models, there will be a wide variety of smartphones. It’s so diverse, so please check the specific mint price on the website. Additional reward levels for each model can also be found in the photo above.

Look carefully and weigh it up. What if you’re going to buy it anyway? What if it’s going to be weird this time anyway? I’m saying it’s a loss if you just pass by. The reason is really simple, but for example, the Galaxy Z-fold 3 and Galaxy Z-flip 3 공공기관 법인명의 핸드are not necessarily “you have to buy them from Mint.” You can just buy it on the channel you want. And all you have to do is apply for the Mint X Samsung additional compensation event.

Only specific compensation methods are different for each purchase channel, so please check the website.
For example, LG U+ opened it, and then Mint ATM nationwide returns used terminals. And you can receive the purchase payment on the spot as soon as you apply, and you can receive the additional compensation after maintaining the opening 14 days. It’s simple