Hello, if you are using your 법인 업무용핸드폰 and do not use it for a certain period due to something special, you can pause it for a while without having to waste your basic fee. If you join the army, travel abroad, or do not use it normally due to loss, you can maintain it at a low cost while paying a stop fee during the suspension period instead of the existing basic fee. In this article, I’ll tell you how to pause and release the set. In the past, suspension or cancellation was required to visit branches or agencies or contact customer centers, but now it is easy to pause and cancel on the T-World website or mobile T-World.

First of all, the way to do it on the T-World website is to log in to the T-World website and mouse up on the top right of my menu to get a variety of menus.

Please click the view of my T’s full menu here.


You can check the number I use on the next page, and there is a pause application button right to the right. You can apply for a pause immediately by pressing this button. If it is temporarily suspended, there is a unlock menu, so you can cancel it.

You must know about the suspension of sk cell phones, so if you pause with a point, you will be charged a monthly fee, not free of charge. Please note that 3,850 won per month will be charged daily during the suspension period. Suspension can be applied for up to 93 days at a time and up to 4 times a month. In addition, the annual total number of suspension days cannot exceed 180 days. In addition, since the suspension period is not included in the contract period, the end date of the contract will be longer as much as the suspension period. There may be cases where the annual suspension date is 180 days short. If you need a long-term suspension when you are not in Korea for a long time due to suspension due to military enlistment or overseas stay, you can stop for a long time by submitting the required documents separately.

Next, if you are logged in to the mobile T-World by using the mobile T-World app, you can easily pause and release your kt법인 알뜰 핸드폰 구매. If you press my subscription information, you can check the mobile phone pause menu immediately from the menu that comes out. You can press the pause menu.

Then you can apply immediately after making settings related to suspension or cancellation. It’s quite simple. You can easily stop on your PC or smartphone without having to call the customer center without visit an agency or branch.