sk kt업무용 법인 핸드폰 알뜰폰 개통

Hello! We’re 모두네트웍스 You need to open a 법인폰.
Is it time to replace the existing 법인핸드폰 ? It’s a 법인폰 개통 opening.
If you are at a loss about what to watch out for and how to sign up, please read this article until the end of today.

Where does the carrier open? Telecommunication businesses are SK 법인폰, KT 법인폰개통, and LG법인폰+, which are three major telecommunication businesses.
There are many other affordable phone operators.
You can open a mobile phone under the name of a corporation.
You don’t know what kind of carrier our company should be?
Think about what you’re going to use the company phone for.
The choice of carriers varies depending on whether they plan to use it for a long time for more than one to two years or a short period of several months.

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If you plan to use it for a short period,
It’s an affordable phone carrier that only opens USIM without an agreement, and the terminal is a used phone.
Or, I recommend you buy a self-sufficient phone.
The advantage of affordable phone carriers is that basic fees are very cheap.
Regardless of the agreement, you can use it for a short period and terminate it. The disadvantage is that the corporate phone identity authentication service is not available, and it is difficult to communicate with the customer center and apply for business processing. In the case of affordable phone carriers, most of them were opened exclusively by USIM.
Since we proceed, if there is no machine, the terminal must be purchased separately, but there is no separate subsidy provided by the carrier.

If you plan to operate a 업무용핸드폰 개통 for more than a year, I recommend you to open it as a major telecommunication company rather than an affordable phone. The reason is that you can purchase a new terminal at a low price by receiving subsidies through an agreement, or you can get a 25% contract discount from the fee during the contract period.
You can use it at a lower price than you think.

So, if you use a major telecommunication company, which telecommunication company is advantageous for our company?
The answer is to check the wired communication network used by our company. If KT or LGU+ is using the Internet under the corporate name, mobile phone carriers can also receive wired and wireless combination approval if they open accordingly.

If you don’t use the Internet as the carrier, use wired products that can’t be combined, or if you share your Internet in the building, you can select the carrier that can purchase the terminal at the lowest price at the time of opening.

What if this whole process feels complicated? Does the above explanation feel somewhat complicated? If so, it is best to get counseling by wire or chat through a counselor and get recommendations for carriers, plans, and terminals.
If you explain exactly why our company operates a 법인핸드폰, we can guide you through the appropriate plan and quote.
What will be the procedure for opening the 법인알뜰폰 개통?
Check the estimate.
Adjusting the opening schedule.
Business trip opening.

After getting a quotation through simple consultation,
If you choose a condition that you like and request an opening,
On the date and time that you want, the manager will personally
Visit the company and proceed one-stop from filling out the application form to opening.
I can make it comfortable without losing my working hours, right?

What documents do you need to prepare?
Before the manager visits, the documents that he needs
The most important thing is for the applicant to prepare it exactly.
Depending on the representative, agent, or employee of a corporation,
Preparation documents vary.
The post below is under the name of the business operator and is needed to open a 법인 알뜰폰.
It’s a guide to the documents, so please read it.

What documents are required for the opening of a corporate or private business mobile phone?
What documents are needed to open a cell phone under the name of the business operator? You’ll feel that it’s very different from when an ordinary individual opens a cell phone.

So far, we’ve looked into what to be careful about when making corporate phones and the opening procedure. I hope you carefully compare the carriers and plans and choose wisely.