With three months left until its release date, I’ve rearranged the news about the Galaxy Z Flip 4업무폰.
Z Flip 3 was unpacked on August 11th and soon followed by pre-booking from August 17th to August 23rd. And it was officially released on August 27th.

The release date of the Galaxy Z Flip 법인폰4 is expected to be similar. You know what? There is also one variable. Looking back on Samsung Electronics’ moves so far, if the report card of the smartphone just before was not good, it would speed up the release of the next work. It was possible because it was a manufacturer that could internalize various parts.
Even if it wasn’t the same form factor, the sales of the S series, which led the first half of each year, were put on a GOS brake and the overall atmosphere is not good. As a result, we can expect that the release date of the Galaxy Jet Flip 4 will be slightly earlier.

So the center of it is a flip rather than a fold. You can’t ignore the price, portability, and trendiness. No matter how productive it is and how attractive it is (like a tablet), popularization will also be led by Flip because it is expensive and less portable.

Compared to bar-type smartphones, foldable phones법인휴대폰, which are difficult to use internal space efficiently, always have battery and heat problems. It’s just hard to secure physical space. Of course, there have been constant rumors that it is difficult to increase battery capacity and that it will not be easy.

According to a recent China 3C certification, the battery of Flip 4 has the same dual capacity as the previous model and has a capacity of 2555 mAh / 1040 mAh, respectively. It was confirmed that the combined capacity was 3595 mAh and the standard capacity was 3,700 mAh업무용핸드폰.

It’s an increase of 400mAh compared to the previous one. At the same time, the battery time of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 업무용스마트폰 개통is expected to increase even if it is slightly, as the improved AP is added.
The key to popularization will be design rather than performance. But it’s going to be hard to make a big difference because it was a Flip 3 that was constantly popular for its over-the-

The key is the cover display, which has grown dramatically from Flip3 to 1.9 inches. In a way, we’re going to focus on practical usability improvements rather than design innovations, which are increasing slightly to the beginning of two inches.
But I can change the color completely, right? If you just change the color, you’ll be able to appeal to a completely different feeling.

According to Ross Young, an official in the display industry, the Galaxy Jet Flip 4 will come in four colors: gold, gray, light blue, and light violet. No color overlaps with the previous one. If you change the color to a completely fresh look like this, you’ll get quite a new sensation.


Also, Samsung Dotcom’s exclusive color and Bespoke edition ideas, which have become another color marketing channel, will continue.
As such, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 is expected to be released with a concept that increases the level of completeness as much as possible and changes the user’s experience to positive.