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외국인유심 Already, we live in a complete mobile infrastructure that is not impossible to go out with just one smartphone, but we should have always carried the actual ID in our bags or wallets. Recently, mobile driver’s licenses and ID cards are being replaced by smartphones.

Using the mobile resident registration card added to the SKT PASS app, can now be used 100% the same as the actual ID card at government offices or convenience stores

The PASS app, which can be used free of charge by all subscribers of the three telecommunications companies, including SKT, is a simple mobile authentication system and has become a must-have app that has become so popular that no one uses it these days. In addition, we have added various functions such as PASS certificate service, electronic documents, and driver’s licenses. The new mobile resident registration card function has been added, making it a perfect must-have app. SIM CARD KOREA


A new resident registration card has been added to the mobile ID category along with the existing driver’s license.SIM CARD KOREA
When registering for the first time, you will agree to the terms and conditions and go through the identity verification process.
And you can register your real resident registration card issued and used.
If you just register your name, resident registration number, and issuance date, the registration is completed immediately, so it’s really easy.
From now on, if you select the menu, the registered mobile ID screen will appear immediately. On the first screen, you will see a QR code that can be used in government offices, along with the ID photo, name, and date of birth. When you click View Details, it changes so that more detailed personal information is displayed.
The mobile resident registration card service added to the PASS app this time has the same identification effect as the existing physical ID under Article 25 of the Resident Registration Act, so it can be completely replaced.

It’s comfortable to use it like an existing physical ID in various places, such as receiving or issuing civil documents at community centers or government offices, checking whether you’re an adult in your daily life, such as convenience stores or theater restaurants, and finally checking the identity of airport passengers.

sim card prepaid Now, it feels like a world where you can live for days without worrying about just one phone when you go out.
For your information, the event will be held to commemorate the launch of the newly released PASS resident registration card service.sim card prepaid

sim card prepaid

It will be held for customers who use the SKT PASS app, and after completing a mission to use various functions in the PASS app within the period from October 28th to November 27th, get a gold/red ticket and scratch a flawless scratch lottery ticket to win various prizes.sim card prepaid

sim card prepaid Gold ticket prizes paid for mobile resident registration include 5 million miles of Hana Tour, 12.9 inches of iPad Pro, 500,000 won of Lotte Hotel gift certificates, the second generation of AirPods Pro, 10,000 won of Instax Mini Evo, CU 5,000 won gift certificates, and PASSMoney.
In addition, prizes such as CGV 5,000 won gift certificates, CU gift certificates, and PASS money will be given as red ticket prizes that can be used and paid for the functions of the PASS app.

I also registered my SIM CARD KOREA PASS resident registration card and got 3 gold tickets, so I scratched the lottery ticket.
Unfortunately, I received PASS money for all 3 cards. 🙂 But I think I’ll be satisfied enough since I received a total of 3,500 won. I hope you get lucky with the jackpot prize. SIM CARD KOREA

I’m so glad that the mobile korea sim, which has been so disappointing that it feels like a complete mobile infrastructure, has now become a reality through the PASS app. Take this opportunity to install and use it, and try to catch the luck of the jackpot prizes.korea sim