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Hello, I’m Mute,kt스카이라이프 인터넷 a blogger who organizes and shares news about Apple devices. The 6th generation of iPad Pro will be released soon. I think this November is the best. Before that, I summarized how the next model will come out and why I don’t have much expectations.

I am using several tablet PCs. Among them, the iPad Pro series is definitely being used as the main one. This is because silicon chips that were installed in laptops and PCs were also installed in tablets. Thanks to this, the iPad Pro 5 attracted an all-time response at the time of its release, and even the fifth volume was sold out.

So there is a lot of interest in the new iPad Pro. If scheduled, the M2 chipset that was installed in the MacBook Air is expected to be applied. I have already tested the performance directly through the M2 MacBook. Therefore, although it is a preview, I think I can introduce it in more detail.케이티스카이라이프 가입

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First of all, I don’t think I have to wait for the new model. This is because not only does it not change much, but rather price problems are expected. Although the chipset is upgraded, M1 alone is full. If the strong news that has come out so far is true, I think it’s more reasonable not to buy the next model.sk법인폰

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First of all, the media I referred to are mainly those with high hit rates among Apple-related rumors. We referred to Mac Rumus, kt스카이라이프 tv Okatara Mac, Bloomberg News, Apple Insider, Let’s Go Digital for the 6th generation release date and specification of the iPad Pro, and even checked the contents of experts such as analysts Guo Ming-chi, Mark Gorman, John Prosser, and Ross Young.

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There will be little change in the design of the next model. Most of Apple’s series, such as iPhones and iPads, are differentiated in appearance and material. And as it is currently divided into Pro, Air, Mini, and Basic, the design has been maintained since Series 4.SIM CARD KOREA

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The next model is expected to be 12.9 inches in the Series 6 and 11 inches in the Series 4. Many people are confused about this part, but the original Pro model came out first as a 9.7-inch and 10-inch model, and the one that succeeded it was a large model, and the one that came out separately was a type 11, so there was a difference. Anyway, I don’t think the design itself will make a difference.

Especially the biggest factor. In the second quarter of this year, there was a rumor that the next iPad Pro would have an ultra-class 14.1-inch display model. In particular, the stage KT알뜰폰manager function that allows users to use a large screen has been updated in iPadOS 16. Last month, however, display expert Ross Young said that the big screen is not the Pro this fall, but the model that comes out in the first quarter of 23 years (spring event).

The m2 silicon chipset, which will be installed in the 6th generation 12.9 of the iPad Pro, is not as expected as last time. This is the same with the MacBook Air M2. This is because M1 alone already shows enough performance. In particular, tablets have limitations in using high performance as much as PCs due to the nature of the operating system.

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Usually, in the case of high-performance apps, a PC (macOS) is used to work for actual professionals such as developers or entertainers such as Final Cut Pro, kt스카이라이프인터넷 가입센터Motion, Logic ProX, and Autocad. On the other hand, on tablets, it is only gaming at best. The game measured with M1 shows sufficient performance. It also captures excellent graphic expression and speed in ultra-high-end apps such as Odin and Wonshin.kt스카이라이프 인터넷

In the case of the M2 model, it can be seen through the MacBook Air M2 described above. It recorded 1919 single-core and 8,928 multi-core points, with M1 in the 1700-point range and 7,000-point range. In other words, the difference is not dramatic. Even the m1 performance is rarely used in tablets, so is it necessary to have an M2?

However, if you mainly edit videos, especially if you use Luma Fusion, you will show some good performance. However, even this has limitations with tablets, so I think it’s better to buy MacBook Air. In other words, since there is a limitation of the tablet OS, the M2 performance is too excessive and virtually meaningless.

In particular, the display panel has changed since the iPad Pro 5th. As many as 20,000 mini LEDs are densely embedded on this size screen. Since there are many LEDs, it gives a much richer color with detailed color expressions, but there is also a disadvantage of a Blooming phenomenon in which light spreads to the side when the LED is lit on a dark screen. Therefore, there are likes and dislikes, and the next model will be the same.스카이라이프인터넷


It is also said that Apple Pencil will be applied with the existing 2. This part is clear. To come out as 3, something different charging methods, additional functions, and convenience must be created, because Apple Pencil Series 2 already shows excellent performance. Series 3 Pencils can be expected to be charged in this way just because the MagSafe charging function will be introduced in the iPad Pro. However, the pencil will remain at 2 even on the 6th generation release date of the iPad Pro.

The ultimate reason not to buy this 12.9 series is the price. According to the information currently revealed, there is a possibility that the price of the device itself will increase. In addition, even if the price does not rise, the price will certainly increase due to exchange rate problems in case of a domestic blackout. The price of the MacBook Air M2, M1, and iPhone 14 series has already risen.

As a result, although the performance itself is an M2 chip, the difference from M1 is not significant. On the other hand, I don’t think it’s a very profitable model because the price range can be at least 200,000 won to 300,000 won. Rather, I think the M1 model is in a better situation because the price has fallen quite a lot now.

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