SIM CARD KOREA The Samsung laptop Pen, which I’ve been using for about three weeks, gives me the feeling of an all-in-one device that goes far beyond the range of use of the existing laptop I’ve used so far. We looked into the opening machine, 360 degree hinge, and S Pen through two actual postings.

Lastly, we will talk about voice notes that capture the peak of smart use, various security features, and quick charging and easy charging that support convenient charging.

The 360-degree hinge and S-pen of the Samsung laptop Pen, as well as the display of excellent viewing angle and color reproduction, transformed a simple laptop into a great Windows tablet, which made it very satisfying to use not only writing business notes but also watching movies.koreasim


Another essential feature is the high-performance Far-Field MIC, which is located on both sides. The long-distance voice can also be recorded with clean sound quality that suppresses noise, providing excellent voice recording for various applications.

Using the voice note program provided by Samsung, you can make notes much more productive than using a simple voice recording program.SIM CARD KOREA

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In my case, I have been taking notes with my smartphone or laptop typing during meetings with office staff or client meetings,

외국인유심개통but I have been recording the entire meeting since using the voice note on the Samsung laptop Pen.

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In particular, it supports bookmark and memo function, so you can use it like a bookmark in a specific recording section, and you can type or write notes in S-pen on the bookmark, making it very three-dimensional and effective and easy to replay later.SK법인폰

You can also share your recordings by cutting only the desired sections or by cutting them into bookmark areas. I’m personally very satisfied with the simple and high-quality voice note program, which reduces the number of missed meetings.외국인유심개통


A laptop sim card prepaid is always portable and contains a lot of work-related information and personal information, so security is especially essential in times like this. You can use both face recognition login and fingerprint recognition login functions in conjunction with Windows Hello.

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Face recognition allows for a complete face recognition login even in the dark, thanks to the front-mounted infrared-sensitive IR camera, and shows a very fast recognition speed. The laptop I used to use before is a model that doesn’t have this security function,

so I felt uncomfortable entering the password every time I logged in, but the face recognition login function is so comfortable.

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In particular, the face recognition login feature shows its true value when the keyboard is fully folded back and used in tablet mode.

It is also equipped with fingerprint recognition, so you can use it at an angle that is difficult to look at the screen properly and conveniently unlock it even when you cannot log in to face recognition.
Among the features offered by Samsung Security, a secret folder sets up a specific folder to lock it so that it is not exposed to others.sim card POSTPAID외국인유심개통

Face recognition logins, fingerprint recognition logins, and even secret folders can be used to protect really important data in a very safe way, so it’s really equipped with best-in-class security features.

Samsung’s laptop Pen’s charging adapter is quite small and light, so it’s not bad to carry around normally, but it also supports easy charging that can be charged with a cell phone charger or an auxiliary battery when in a hurry. When you go out lightly, you can charge your laptop and smartphone with just a laptop and a portable battery in a small bag.

※ Rated at least 10W (5V, 2A) and compatible with external power supplies (sold separately) that support USB-C or USB BC 1.2.

It’s easy to use with other laptops, S Pen, voice notes to help you record your meeting, convenient easy charging and quick charging, and a variety of security features to keep your data complete, so you don’t need to need a Samsung laptop pen. I don’t think there’s a laptop that I’ve ever used that much. korea sim

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